Our Company

   UVENTS Company services the sector from 1978 and from 2009 The Company also continues producting industrial fan manufacturing. For a long time in our company there is a balanca between old and new technology. For well-produced products, UVENTS follows the technological developments that the age demands. UVENTS has adopted as a company principle to provide new product targets, sales policies and after-sales customer support. The industry continues to increase its market share in the industrial fan sector with knowledge and experience transferred from generations to generations.

It is one of the rare companies that can offer customized solutions to customers with the confidence given by being a manufacturer. With its expert staff, irenfan Metal always develops itself for the best product and it has quality certificates which is the natural end result. Due to the tax advantages of being a manufacturer we are one of the most selected companies of exporting companies.

The quality of the materials used in production and machine parks also provide our customers with the opportunity to work in clean air for a long time.